How to Boost Website SEO Using Schema Markup?

Nowadays, one of the best and latest advancements in SEO is called Schema Markup.

With this powerful tool, you can optimize and boost your website in search engine result pages (SERPs).

My Aim in this blog is to show you what schema markup is and how to get started using schema markup for your website step by step.

What is Schema Markup?

Let’s start with, what schema markup is.

Schema Markup is HTML Code that you put in your website coding to provide more help to the search engines by returning relevant results for users.

If you have ever listened about rich snippets or implement it then you will understand exactly about schema markup in SEO.

Look at the below example for more details about local business schema markup.

Local business schema markup min

The Local schema told the search engine to display a Complete Business detail, Like Owner name, Industry, founder name, and customer service number.

Learn exactly, the main facts about schema markup:

Schema provides information to the search engines what your data means, not only what is says.

When you post an article on your website, the Google Search engine index and provides the relevant result to users, obviously.

But with schema markup, a number of content gets indexed and return in different ways.

How? Because markup tells every search engine that what your content means. For example, I am writing an article and mention “Brian dean”.

The search engine sees this and provides a SERPs result with “Brian Dean”. However, If I put the right schema markup around the name “Brian Dean” and told the search engine that the author’s name is “Brian Dean”.

With this, the search engine provides better information to the user who searches for “Brien Dean”.

Schema Markup was invented for users

Schema Markup helps users to see the result in SERPs what a website is all about, where they are, plus plenty of other information.

This method invented for the user, exp. Search engine explores the information that users need. Schema markup does exactly that.

Why Schema Markup is too important for your website.

Schema markup helps your website rank high for all types of stuff/content. Below are the types of markup…

  • Article
  • Local Business
  • Restaurants
  • TV Episodes and Rankings
  • Book Reviews
  • Movies
  • Software Applications
  • Events
  • Products

You can find hundreds of markup types from sports stores to restaurants. If you have any kind of data/content available on your website, there is a great chance to have an itemscope and itemtype.

Website owners that use schema markup on their website rank better than companies without markup. There are many websites available that missing out on a huge source of Seo potential.

How to use schema markup on your website step by step?

Now, follow some simple steps to use schema markup. Schema markup helps you rank better in search engines.

1. Go to Google Structured Data Markup Helper

Structured data markup helper min

2. Select the type of markup you want to implement.

There are several options listed, this is not a complete list. For example, I am going to use “Article”, because it’s one of the most common types of markup.

3. Paste URL of your website page or article that you want to markup.
4. Click “Start Tagging”

Start tagging min

Now you are redirected to the next page of markup – Tagging Items. Here you can see the website in the left pane and the content items in the right pane.

tagging1 1024x490 min

5. Now Select the type of content to be markup up.

Since this piece of content from Google SEO Trends is an article, I am going to highlight “name” of the article, Author name and more in the tool list.

tagging2 1024x490 min

When, I Select “name” of the article, the tool add it to “data items” in the right pane.

6. Add all the markup items that required
7. After that click on “Create the HTML”

tagging2 1024x490 min 1

In the following page, you will see the HTML code of your web page with the relevant microdata inserted in the spots you selected.

Schema markup html 1024x497 min

8. Add schema code to your website page.

Now, you will go into your CMS or source code of the page and add the highlighted snippets in the appropriate spots. Use Yellow marks on the scrollbar is indicating markup code on the page you can find the schema markup code and add it to your source code.tagging4 min

If you are not able to find the markup code than a simple option is that you can download automatically generated code and simply copy/paste the code of the snippet into the source code.

download 1024x541 min

After download, click on “finish”, you will get the popup box as below.

next step min

9. Click on Structure Data Testing Tool to find out error and correct them in Schema Markup Code.

Before analyzing my published post, I am going to test my all schema markup code in “Structure Data Testing Tool”, Which I Downloaded.

Test your sturctured data min 1

If necessary, I can edit the schema markup code directly in the testing tool and run the test again.

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