How To Choose The Best Facelift Surgeon For Your Procedure

When it comes to a facelift, the decision to go under the surgical light can be an overwhelming prospect. The problem here is that several practitioners or surgeons claim they have the best plastic surgery services, but not all are actually trustworthy.

It is important that candidates only consult board certified surgeons. Of course, it’s the right of every patient to choose a surgeon that has enough years of experience, valid credentials, and the right grip on the procedure.

Plastic surgery can actually prove to be a life-changing choice, especially when you choose it to enhance the features of your face.

Before you decide to opt for the procedure, you have to feel great and confident about the surgeon you work with. The only drawback here is that people have mixed information from candidates who go through the surgery.

Here are a few things you should consider when you choose a facelift plastic surgeon.

So many people think they can simply depend on state medical boards just to make sure that surgeons are well qualified to perform the procedures they claim they can, but the truth is, the government does not actually require a surgeon to have specific training in the procedures they can offer.

In the area of cosmetic surgery, this is a common problem as many doctors with general medical training or surgery training hop off on the bandwagon of cosmetic surgery in the hope of greater profits.

Whenever you meet a facelift surgeon, such as one at Crispin Plastic Surgery, you should ask them whether the American Society of Plastic Surgeons certifies them or not.

The bottom line is that patients need to have a reliable way to know their surgeon has experience in the surgery they plan to choose.

They Should Have “Face Expertise”

A very delicate and intricate area of the body is the face and the facelift procedure requires an unusually high level of technical skill compared to any other areas of cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgeons that specialize in different areas have different expertise and you want to ensure that you choose an expert who can handle facial rejuvenation.

A key consideration here is to take note of the ability of the surgeon to evaluate your face and its features properly to formulate the best treatment plans and meet up with your specific goals and needs.

Note that a surgeon who has experience performing a comprehensive treatment range will be able to determine what surgical procedure would be suitable, or whether you qualify as a candidate for non-surgical treatments including fillers or Botox.

Make sure that you discuss all your goals and concerns, regardless of whether you wish to have a more defined jawline or a firmer skin.

You can ask questions like:

• What results should I expect?
• Can you explain the treatment options I have?
• What’s the number of facelift procedures you have performed?
• Is a facelift the only option I have?
• What techniques will you use for the facelift?

Should Have Exceptional Aesthetic Sensibilities

Note that what you may consider as “beautiful” may not be as attractive to others. Some people prefer timeless beauty, while others prefer mysterious and sensuous looks. It’s important that you along with your surgeon share some common aesthetic sensibilities.

A plastic surgery procedure involves the right mix of science and art. When you choose your surgeon, he or she should have an understanding of your facial balance, symmetry, and contour.

The best artistic and aesthetically appealing results require an appreciation of a variety of facial anatomies with a keen sense of artistic aesthetics.

A tip here is to ask your facelift surgeon for some before and after photos of the previous work. You should look at each photo carefully.

The results of the facelift should not look pulled or too tight, rather, they should appear natural, delicate, and soft.

Knowing that your plastic surgeon understands the intricacy of the face is essential to feel good about a facelift or the facial procedure and it should give you surety of your decision. The complexity of facelift surgery is something not to take lightly.

Sure, going under the knife for a facelift may seem like a scary thing at first; however, if you choose the best surgeon, you can rest assured that you will not have to worry about the outcome of the surgery not going as you hoped for it to go. The results will be exactly what you were hoping for and last for years. In addition, if you plan to opt for other surgical procedures in the future like a breast augmentation; a board-certified expert would be able to guide you.

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