Winter-time Tips For Those Who Choose To Wear Contact Lenses

Winters are here and needless to say, parties are going to be on their peak! With bonfires, barbeques, game nights and get-togethers; who wants to look the same for every single picture?

Not that you can resort to a difficult transformation every single time, however, what you can change is the color of your eyes by opting for blue, green or brown contact lenses to create bold and unforgettable looks!

Nevertheless, with the seasonal variations, just like we need to take extra care of our skin and health; in order to overcome the challenges of the dry air, our contact lenses need extra attention too.

For this reason, we have gathered some ideal tips and tricks to make sure your contact lenses stay intact and in perfect condition, whether you choose to stay indoors or head outdoors!

Tip 1: Eye Health is Vital

Before we begin to disclose the tips for contact lenses, it is imperative that you pay attention to your eyes.

Eye health is extremely important! If you want to wear your lenses flawlessly, you need to make sure you are free of eye allergies and infections.

People who have eye allergies may find it difficult to wear contact lenses. There might be constant itching, eye redness or frequent tearing.

If you ignore your allergies and still choose to wear contact lenses, the lenses will act as a trigger to worsen the condition.

Having said that, consult your eye specialist to get rid of all eye-related allergies before you go for colored eye contacts.

Tip 2: Dry weather calls for increased moisture

keep contact lenses moist

Everyone who wears lenses knows the horror of dry eye syndrome, especially during winters! With the increased usage of indoor heating systems and enjoying bonfires and barbeques outdoor, the air around us not only becomes dry and static.

The dry environment causes dryness in our eyes as well. Dry eyes are not only harmful in general but can also irritate you and can also cause redness, itching, and pain in the eyes.

When it’s time for winters and you want to flaunt an effortless look by wearing brown contact lenses, it is ideal to keep your lenses moist so that you stay comfortable all day long.

However, the question is, how can you keep your eyes in check for added moisture? It’s easy. Simply opt for a humidifier whenever you are enjoying indoor heating.

Moreover, carrying eye drops prescribed by your optician will help your eyes stay moist and comfortable whenever wearing lenses.

Tip 3: Hydration is key

water 1 min

We often forget to hydrate ourselves during winters because we simply feel less thirsty. Nonetheless, what most people don’t realize is that drinking water helps us stay active, fit and healthy.

Not only does drinking water flush out toxins from our body but it also allows us to prevent dryness, especially during winters.

If you want to avoid the dull discomfort in your eyes this year while flaunting colored lenses, simply up your daily water intake and stay hydrated from within for a perfect outer glow!

Tip 4: Avoid heat exposure!

Relaxing while cuddling up next to the fireplace or simply enjoying a bonfire with friends are common winter traditions. Nonetheless, the increased amount of heat can quickly dry out the brown contact lenses.

As you already know, dry lenses can become irritating and can cause redness and itching.

Hence, in order to avoid the uneasiness, stepping away from intense heat every few minutes can save you for sure! Limiting the time period of the heat exposure will not only save your lenses but will also allow you to wear them for a longer time period.

Tip 5: Sunglasses can save you!

Sunglasses min

The harsh sun rays are often accompanied by winters and trust us, these penetrative rays can damage your lenses terribly. Apart from direct sunlight, precipitation can also be damaging.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to splurge on good quality sunglasses to save your lenses as well as help protect your vision.

Tip 6: Change those lenses!

Wearing the same lenses for months can be harmful to your eyes, be it summer or winter. Always remember to change your contact lenses every few months.

The best way is to inquire about the time duration of your lenses from your ophthalmologist. Changing lenses will help oxygenate and drastically reduce dull discomfort.

Tip 7: Take care every day!

saline dropping on contact lens

Just like anything else, we need to pay extra attention to our lenses to help increase their longevity. Use the given lenses solution to keep them hydrated and don’t forget to change the solution every week in the case.

As for storing them, store them only in the given case so that they stay secure and away from open air.

Most people do not carry the lenses case with them and when their eyes get tired, they often take remove lenses and place them in temporary containers.

While this is a useful hack for desperate circumstances, the truth is that it should not be done on a daily basis!

Tip 8: Take a break

If you are a regular user of contact lenses, it is ideal for you to take a break and instead wear regular glasses for some time. This break allows your eyes to oxygenate and it totally adds variety to your daily appearance too.

Tip 9: Colds and flu!

Winters always bring the baggage of illnesses with them! Cold and flu are common. What’s important is to remember that during the flu season, taking a break from wearing contact lenses is essential.

Contact lenses should not be worn while you are undergoing a cold because your eyes are affected by the illness as well. The common symptoms are (red eyes, puffiness, tearing, etc).

Your tear ducts can also become blocked during flu and this can dry out the eyes. If you wear lenses on top of that, your eyes will dry out even quicker!

The dangers of wearing contact lenses during illnesses are:

Transferring of infection
Increased bacteria in the lenses for future
Increased irritation
Eye allergies

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