Dig Out Keyword Strategy Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Content is the king! But what when it does not have the backbone?

Any guesses, what are we talking about?


It’s none other than keywordsIf you are not a newbie in the digital marketing world, we need not tell you about the importance of keywords and playing with it to win the marketplace.

And, if you have been failing all the time with a keyword strategy, it’s time when you should pull up your socks to find out the loopholes before executing the master plan.

Without wasting much of your time and leveraging you some ease, we will list some of the mistakes you always repeat, unintentionally.

Common Keywords Strategy Mistakes You Often Ignore

  • Overdoing With Keywords

Shouting about your products and services repeatedly using keywords is not a good idea.

Believe it or not, it will not only degrade the content quality but also divert your audience to another website. So, what’s the smart idea?

Long Tail Keywords. Yeah!

Be smart enough to play with your keywords and lead over the competitors.

  • Avoiding Organic Traffic

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Google Ad Words Keyword Tool made easy all your hassles! The baseline is, you cannot avoid the organic estimates at any cost.

Filter the top keywords on the basis of their organic traffic and compare them precisely.

If you are good at using the tool, just jump to the tutorial or consider hiring professionals to become part of the race, else you will be running in the wrong direction.

  • Running Off Efforts

This is definitely something you must throw out of your to-do-list! If you know the top keywords for your business, what else you are looking for.

But let us ask you, are you ranking at the top of the search engines, and if not, you do not even bother to put efforts to work hard and boost the ranking?

This is really letting you waste effort, expense, resources, and time. It’s better you make some efforts pushing your website at the top without underestimating the golden keywords.

  • Keyword Cannibalization

We talked about the keyword stuffing, but now we are going to discuss something which you are doing unintentionally.

Keyword Cannibalization. It happens when you use a keyword or phrase throughout the website, here we mean using it on every page.

This confuses Google to rank your page and hence, you are not doing any justification with an authoritative page. Ultimately, you miss opportunities, clients, and rankings.

  • When Priority Is Not Prioritized

When you do not prioritize the keywords on the basis of their searches and traffic they bring, it is a big fail.

Setting the priority of the keywords must be the first in your to-do-list. The most simple tactic would be asking yourself, what is the most deserved and the least deserved keyword for your website.

This will help you building a desired keyword list to work upon.

These were the mistakes you were doing with the keyword strategy and failing. Let us now help you sharing the tips to fix them.

Fixing The Keyword Strategy Fail Is Easy

  • Keyword Rankings Are Dynamic

Yes! They change each week and sometimes with each day. It depends on the work done by your competitors, Google Algorithm or your efforts. So, without relying on the ranking for a particular day, stick to the strategy and put consistent efforts.

  • Long-Tail Keywords Will Help

long tail keyword

Search results are no more about giving results for specific keywords, instead long tail keywords are pushing websites to gain improved ranking. Therefore, it will be great if you keep variations for the targeted keyword to enhance the search results and also keep safe from spam work.

  • Keeping Track Of Google Analytics

If you are still planning keyword strategy and executing it without Google Analytics, you are lagging far-far behind the competition. It’s time to get started with Google Analytics and use the data to know the visitors, clicks, traffic, location and other referral information to replan the strategy.

  • Stay Updated

Trends of digital marketing are changing each day. It is hence crucially important to stay updated with the trends. Do not stick with the on-going keyword strategy for long. It may be working good for you today, but tomorrow maybe it won’t. So, keep upgrading the keyword strategy with the changing trends. There are many companies which helps you to make your keywords up to date and provide affordable seo packages .

Summing Up

Keywords and keywords strategy are the essentials of any digital marketing. No matter, how much effort you are putting to bring the results using the keywords.

But it is worthless if you are making mistakes and ignoring them. Above discussed mistakes and how to fix them is must go through, if you are failing constantly for years or newbie in digital marketing.

We know, you will not like lagging behind the competitors.

So, better give a kick start to your keyword strategy either by re-planning or fixing the arrears of your success road-map.

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