Plus Size College Fashion – Trendy Outfit ideas that would hug your Curves

It is always exciting to dress up for your first day of college and not even the first day but all throughout your college life. There are plenty of plus size college fashion trends that can help you embrace your curves and carry with confidence.

It is time to unleash the plus size fashion available for curvy college teens and look stylish. Look out for plus size outfits that help you flatter your shape and best parts.

Plus Size Outfit for College

A-line dresses for plus size ladies are flattering silhouettes and truly the perfect option for those with heavy hips and thighs. You can pick baby doll dresses or wrap dresses that would offer the illusion of a sexy hourglass shape as they highlight your waist.

One of the most preferred plus size fashion is shift dress which you can belt it at your waist. Pair it with embellished pumps along with a cross body handbag.

Printed Romper plus size dress

Black is believed to be slimming color. Of course, you should try other bold colors too without restricting yourself to just the black color to look slim. When it comes to a perfect outfit for curvy ladies it is not just about the perfect fit and not about its color or print.

You can try rompers pleated at your waistline. Rompers combined with over-skirts can be a perfect replacement for normal shorts just in case you are concerned about thighs.

For college teens especially for plus size ladies with diamond shaped body try rompers with empire waistline. You can combine these rompers with gladiator flats to dress up for college and if going out for brunch, pair it with wedges.

Skinny Jeans

If you are a curvy girl and just follow the trend of wearing loose jeans or baggy then start thinking about re-inventing your looks. Yes, just go for skinny jeans and you will be able to carry it off really well.

High waisted perfect skinny jeans are quite flattering and they help you create a style statement but avoid pairing it with muffin tops while pairing it with tops pleated at waist. Pair your skinny jeans with a fitted top and you can tuck in the top if you wish to.

Still, if you aren’t comfortable then you can wear a long jacket or cardigan to mask those curves to appear like a plus size lady with a slimmer waist.

A-Line Skirt

Thinking about different plus size outfits that you can explore, well A-line skirt is the right option to highlight your shape.

It is basically fitted at your waist and isn’t too tight at the thigh or hip area which is always a concern for you. A-line skirt is wider at the lower edge giving a perfect “A shape.”

It will be an added advantage if the skirt is high waist make legs appear longer. You can pair it with a fitted top/tee tucked in neatly into the skirt.

In case you are thinking about the arms in the sleeveless top then a denim jacket would be useful.

Do not try to opt for plus size outfit with layering as it would make you look bulky. Do not wear heavy knit sweaters or light wool material.

Make sure the accessories you wear with plus size outfit should be simple and sleek and avoid sophisticated accessories.

You can try different college fashion ideas for plus size figure so that you feel confident, comfortable and ready to go to college in a fresh and stylish look. Of course, the outfits would hide those problematic areas giving you a slimmer look.

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