An Ultimate Guide for Polo Shirts Lovers

Undeniably the polo shirt is the ideal essential of everyman closet. From hot summer season to chilling winter time, a polo shirt is an appropriate choice to dress up like a gentleman.

No matter you want to join a party or official event, you can quickly incorporate your polo shirts with any wardrobe essential to dress up in the required style.

So, if you are also looking for a perfect essential to dress up like a gentleman on a golf course, tennis courts, beach parties or office occasion then you must unveil this guide.

Don’t Wear Under a Shirt or Blazer

As the polo shirts are not too tight, they are not the right choice to wear as an undergarment.

In case you wear polo shirts as an undergarment chance are high that it will slip from under your sleeve or the collar side. Neither polo shirt is an undergarment, nor is any undergarment worn with a polo shirt.

A high proportion of men think that wearing a polo shirt with a blazer is a cool combination.

Believe it or not, blazers are always looking perfect with a dress shirt. Thus if you are planning to wear a polo shirt with a blazer or shirt like Gildan G640 for an event then you must skip this idea and look for the right shirt.

Choose Appropriate Size

When it comes to choosing a polo shirt it is essential to look for the perfect fit and size. One of the best ways to ensure this is to prefer a polo shirt in which you can easily insert a finger between your bicep and your sleeve.

In case you are unable to place your finger between your biceps and your sleeve then you should get a bigger size.

Make sure the tail of the polo shirt doesn’t go halfway past to your backsides. Else, it will look like a dress shirt from the backside and looks ridiculous when not tucked in.

Never Wear Like a Kid

It is observed that a great chunk of men pops their collar to standout. It is totally a wrong method instead it shows off you like a kid.

Hence, don’t pop the collar of your polo shirt unless you need to protect your neck from the sunlight.

You will be amazed to know that popping your collar is just like wearing sunglasses at a midnight event.

Thus, ensure to wear your favorite polo shirt in an appropriate manner to look like a pro.

Say No to Big Size Logos

Nowadays placing a company or organization logo on a polo shirt is became a popular trend.

If you are also planning to stitch or print a logo on your polo shirt then avoid large oversized logos appearing on polo shirts.

In fact, you can place a small logo on the left side of the polo shirt to highlight your brand identity in a standard way.

Otherwise, it will not represent your style in a professional manner.

Tuck vs. Untucked

It is wrong to make a rule to always tuck or untucked your polo shirt. Instead, wear it tuck or untucked as per your need or event.

With a pair of cargo shorts, nobody wants to tuck them in, but with a pair of jeans or dress pants, it will look sensible when it is tucked in.

For instance, if you are going to a golf course so you can wear a polo shirt in untucked style. And if you are going to attend a corporate meeting or training session then you must tuck in your polo shirt.

Best for Sports

Every polo shirt is precisely designed to offer you a vast range of flexibility and to protect you from the heat of the sun.

When you play under the shining sun it has the features to absorb the moisture away from your body. This is because polo shirts are made from a synthetic blend of materials that is specially engineered for active living.

You too can purchase a polo shirt from Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers or Nike Golf to play your favorite sports like a professional athlete.

Invest in Basic Colors

Many people prefer to wear polo shirts in white and navy colors. However, there is an extensive list of colors you can invest including light blue, green, purple, or pink.

All of these are trendy colors and you could easily wear them in tournaments, corporate occasions as well as parties.

Once you make your mind about colors then you can think about patterns like checks, stripes and a lot more.

In a nutshell,

This post is best for people who want to look like a pro by wearing a polo shirt appropriately according to the occasion. You too can stand out in office event, sports tournament or casual parties by wearing a polo shirt in the right manner.

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