Is it enough to have a right shampoo?

There are many people who always are cribbing about their hair. They don’t know what to do about their hair care. They use the best shampoos and hair care products but even then they are not getting the results.

If you are using the shampoos in for hair fall and dandruff you are doing the right thing. But the wrong thing that you might be doing is wrong hair regime.

You have to be careful about how you use hair care products. You have to be careful about every single thing.

Have a look at some of the important things that you should be careful about.

How many times do you wash your hair in a Week?

Have you ever thought about the number of times that you wash your hair in a week? What exactly you have the duration?

Is that you wash your hair twice a week, thrice, four times or daily or only once in fifteen days?

Well, if you do not really care about the weekly wash count then you have to be prudent now. You cannot simply over wash your hair or keep your hair deprived of the wash for weeks.

The ideal time to wash your hair is twice a week or maximum thrice. If you are washing more than that you might end up finding your hair really dirty and smelly. Moreover, your hair might get really pathetic and harmful.

Adding to this, overwash is going to suck the natural oils from your head. And if you are hardly washing your hair in a week then too you are doing harm to your scalp. There gathers a lot of dust, pollutants and unnecessary oils in your hair.

You have to make sure that you clean them up time to time. If you are not using shampoos to clean your hair, they might make your hair and scalp rotten.

The same shampoo

If you are using a shampoo and you expect it to work overnight for you then you are doing the wrong thing.

Remember even the best and the most effective shampoo would work wonders only if it is used constantly for at least two weeks. Any shampoo would start showing results only after fourteen to fifteen days.

But yes, if you have any harmful effects because of any random shampoo then you have to be careful.  You have to find out the problem and stop using the shampoo.

Natural options

Now you can go for Ketomac dandruff treatment shampoo or other shampoos that are natural. There are many people who don’t simply use shampoos because they think that shampoos have dandruff.

If you think the same then you have to wake up and smell the coffee. Yes, there are amazing natural shampoos that are safe for your hair care.

Natural shampoos are always having natural ingredients like milk, thick butter, creams, herbs and so on and hence they are safe and chemical free.


So, whatever be your choice of shampoo, make sure that you use them in a proper manner.

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