48 hours in Phoenix, Arizona. Best Things to Do

If you have a weekend coming ahead and you are planning for a 48 hours trip to Phoenix, this article will do best for you. We are going to give a to-do list for 48 hours in Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix is the capital of the U.S state of Arizona. It is also famous as “Valley of the Sun,” usually have warm weather throughout the year. It is a deserted area but full of tourist attractions places. You will find a wide like historical museums, wild parks, zoo, cultural and scientific centers, and hiking tracks also.

These are the must-do things if you are having a short trip of 48 hours only.

The Phoenix Zoo

If you have a trip with your family and kids, then this one is a must-visit place. The zoo has a versatile variety of animals from all over the world. The grounds are clean and well maintain-ned.

It will take only 2 hours to explore the zoo. But isn’t this time being too much for your little ones? For this problem, the park provides a 25-minutes safari train ride to roam around the zoo and enjoying the sights.

The Phoenix zoo also has 4-d theaters. The only con is that the zoo operates in seasonal hours only so you have to check the website for seasonal hours.

Desert Botanical Garden

This botanical garden has thousands of species of almost every type of plant from all over the world.it occupies a total of 140 acres of the ground. The plant ranges from beautiful cacti to plants and giant trees. The Desert Botanical Garden is recommended to visit during day hours. You will need 2 hours to half a day’s time to explore the beautiful garden.

Phoenix Art Museum

The Phoenix Museum is a prime example of contemporary architecture. It is the largest museum in the southwest. It has more than 18000 art pieces. The artwork of many brilliant artists is displayed here.

It is very famous for its Thorne Miniatures Collection. The museum also organizes different youth-oriented events and activities. It will also take 2 hours to half a day of your trip.

The Musical Instrument Museum

The Musical Instrument Museum is one of a kind museum. It has 6000 plus musical instruments. On the 1st floor, musical instruments from all over the world, concert footage and clothing of renowned musicians are displayed.

It has a conservation lab that preserves the instruments. On the 1st floor, kids can experience the instruments and Encore Gallery. Upper floor rooms have musical instruments from different geographical regions. The museum hosts 200 plus live music concerts, summer camps, and different musical events a year.

Camelback Mountain

The Camelback Mountain is a must to visit if you are a hiking loving person. Get up early in the morning, grab your hiking backpack, drink plenty of water, and enjoy all trails from easy to moderate and even difficult ones.

The mountain is not only the highest peak but also the most scenic hiking spot in the city. It has all types of tracks. The easy one is 1.5-mile Cholla Trail on the east side. Bobby’s rock Trail is the beginner-friendly that circles the base of the mountain.

The mountain has unforgettable and photo-worthy views. It takes 2 hours to half a day. Don’t forget to drink and take ample water while visiting the sight to beat the heat.

Japanese Friendship Garden

It is a 305 acres large tea garden. It is a tea house which is famous for its calm and beautiful environment.it is a tranquil and gorgeous gateway where you can admire the lush plants.

It hosts regular events of Japanese arts, dance, food, and music.it will take 2 hours to half a day of your trip.

Papago Park

It is a hiking park that a hiker may dream of. It is known for its famous buttes. It offers much more than average walking parks. Papago Park has chilled out routes. The trails are easy to moderate, and the surroundings are scenic and captative.

If you are not a hiker type of person, then you can also enjoy the beauty of Papago park by driving a mountain bike around the park.

Food and Eateries

A trip is incomplete without trying the famous eateries and enjoying the traditional tastes. Olive and Ivy, the Breadfruit & Rum Bar a La Santissima are among some famous eateries.

Mary Coyle is an old famous ice cream shop that is famous for its old themed interior. The shop has its interior in black and white only.

Phoenix has many more sites to visit and admire, but hopefully your 48-hour trip will successfully cover this our provided to-do list.

International travelers

The U.S. always welcomes visitors from all around the world. You do not need to wait for your VISA process, especially if you are from a VISA waiver country. The people belonging to VMP require an ESTA instead of VISA. All you have to do is to check the ESTA application and fill-up the form given on the website by answering all the ESTA questions.

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