How to Travel ABROAD in Your Teens

This post is about young travelers who can’t wait to explore the world around. If you are already a student, you may start traveling right now.

Where to? How about one of the most popular destinations for teens Orlando?


Of course, all people want to get the cheapest prices for everything.

If you are good at driving and have an international driving license, check Orlando car rental under 21. You can hardly find a variant cheaper for your young age. Nevertheless, there are many other ways to travel abroad FOR CHEAP in your teens.

Here we go!


  1. Volunteering

Volunteering min

Volunteering was always a great chance to travel for cheap. If you decided to go volunteering, it is better to take a month minimum to stay in a new country. You have more chances to learn a new culture then.

Besides, volunteering, you have to work on local initiatives so that you don’t have much time for learning the country in the way you wanted to.

To enjoy your volunteering job try to pick the activity that is interesting and pleasant for you.

Do you like kids and want to help them somewhere far from America?

Go to Africa for summer. Keep searching and you can always find the right destination.

Of course, most of the volunteering programs are not absolutely free. But you have a chance to go abroad for cheap in your teens.

  1. Take a semester abroad

Take a semester abroad min

Student exchange programs are very popular now. When you are a high school student or attend a college or university, you have a chance to participate in an exchange program.

How it works?

Two students from different countries change their places for one semester. They live in the given families, attend classes and travel back to their countries at the end of the exchange term.

The idea is really good. If you are scared to travel alone, you can ask your friends to sign up with you to make your trip more comfortable. Will you have enough time for learning a new country during your study semester? It’s up to you.

  1. Language exchange programs

A process of studying a new language becomes faster and more effective when you learn the language in the natural environment. The process of learning languages is not that fast.

You dive in a new culture, meet new people and their way of life. One way or another, you should focus on the language study as you are a participant of the high school courses.

The program works for teens during the summer months. You live in the family while the foreign student lives with your parents.

You visit the language courses and speak foreign language at home. It really works and cost you not much.

  1. Tour for teens

Tour for teens min

can find a company in your country which is specialized in organizing travel tours for kids. They are strictly for teens! If you don’t know such a company in your country, just google it.

Of course, if you are up to 20, you can easily use underage car rental service to hire a car and feel free.

But if you are afraid to travel alone and take responsibility for the car, you can join the tour. First of all, you travel in a company of people of the same age and interests. Also, you already have the route planned especially for you.

Most of the companies take students who are more than 18 years old. Check the information before joining the tour.

  1. Go to work at the camp for summer

Looking for the summer partial job? You can find a job in the summer camp as a counselor. This is a work experience you always wanted. Also, this is a great opportunity to go abroad for cheap. You don’t pay money for transfer and hostel.

Of course, this job is for you only if you do like working with kids. Taking responsibility for the kid is even more responsible than for the rental car.

Are you ready for that? From the other hand, camp excursions, tours are always very helpful and interesting.

Search it! There are many interesting camp opportunities abroad.

Do you want to go to Europe, America, or Australia? It’s up to you. It just depends on which country is the most attractive for you to visit.

  1. Visit your relatives abroad

You are lucky if you have relatives abroad. Think it over. Maybe it’s time to give them a sudden visit. Of course, you have to pay for transferring and something to eat.

But you can save money of the hotel. And this is the biggest part of your budget as well.

Do you have a grandma somewhere in Malibu?

Does your cousin live in Australia? Do you want to go shopping with your aunt in New York? You are a really lucky guy!

Do you have more interesting ideas? You can share in the comments below. Anyway, there is always a way out. And if you want to start traveling abroad in your teens, you can start right now.

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