Know the different types of WhatsApp messages

WhatsApp is an amazing chat application that is used by people all over the world. People just love to send different types of messages to each other on this application.

We have brought this article to make you know the different types of messages that are common in use on WhatsApp.

Apart from these messages, the WhatsApp bomb message has also created a buzz, read about it as well!

Funny Messages

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We send funny messages over WhatsApp to our friends, colleagues and family members to make them have some happy moments.

We get jokes and memes of the current trending topics that have created some controversies or are buzzing all over the city, nation or the world.

But, today, we have brought some general funny messages that are an all-time favorite of everyone.

Have a look at below-given funny messages sent on WhatsApp.

  • Tourism is the next big thing. All countries are attracting their tourists with their taglines: Incredible India, Amazing Thailand, Truly Asia…

Syria’s tagline may be – Have a blast, it may be your last!

  • Did you notice the similarity in a man’s “I will be home in five minutes” and woman’s “I will be ready in five minutes” are completely the same? Their minutes are proportionally big!
  • At the gym, a man asks the trainer: “I want to impress that sexy, beautiful girl. Which machine should I use to impress her?”. Trainer replies: “Use the ATM machine”
  • An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor is cute then you should forget the fruit.
  • This dog, is dog, a dog, good dog, way dog, for dog, keeping dog, an dog, idiot dog, busy dog, for dog, 15 dog, long dog, seconds dog! … confused, what is it then read the whole sentence again without the word dog.
  • The government hates competition so never steal!
  • I still miss my ex – but do you know what? My aim is getting better day by day.
  • Don’t take life too seriously as you might won’t get out of it alive.

Cool Messages

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There are some people who are just fond of cool statements and send you such type of cool messages over WhatsApp.

You may like or dislike such cool messages but it is for sure that you will have a smile on your face after reading them.

We have brought you some cool messages that are all time popular on Whatsapp.

Let us have a look at them.

  • From the moment I saw you, my mind immediately told me that I will spend my life avoiding you.
  • A girl asks a boy: “How much do you love me”.

The boy replies: Count the stars in the sky above your head.

The girl says: But, it’s morning currently.

Exactly! replies the boy

  • You are a BITCH






  • Notice ever that Ugly starts with u and Awesome ends with me.
  • I just want to kill the hottest person alive… but I won’t do that as suicide is a crime!
  • You shouldn’t drink and drive as you might spill the drink.
  • Don’t do homework for saving paper!
  • Hats off to you!! My tallest finger is eager to give you a standing ovation.
  • Chocolate, coffee, men…some things are just better rich in life.
  • I’d explain it to you for sure but I’m afraid your head might explode.
  • I want to tell you that you are pretty close to perfect when you’re standing next to me.
  • I’m not your type. I’m not inflatable!
  • Do you know that I’m nobody and nobody’s perfect, so – I’m perfect for sure.
  • Do you know what? WhatsApp is using me!
  • If you think I’m not lazy then let me tell you that I’m just on energy saving mode.

Friendship Messages

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Friends are such people without whom our life is dull, boring and empty. We all have friends and we truly respect our friendships.

Have a look at some amazing friendship messages that you must send to your friends and best friends to make them know how valuable are they for you and how special position you have for them in your heart.

Send such amazing messages to your friends our WhatsApp. Don’t wait for the friendship day to arrive, send them now!

  • Do you know that friends buy you lunch and Best friends forever eat your lunch.
  • The DVDs are loaned out by Best friends knowing that they’ll never be seen again.
  • Flowers may die and Waters may dry but true friends never ever say goodbye.
  • We didn’t realize we were making good memories in life as we were just having fun.
  • Do you know friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there when you need them.
  • Yes, it is right, friendship isn’t a big thing as it’s a million little things.
  • There are small ships and big ships but the best ship is friendship without any doubt.
  • No road is long when you are having a good company.
  • Which is the most valuable antique? – an old friend.
  • The only family that we chose are our friends.
  • A good friend like you is hard to lose, hard to find, and also unable to forget.
  • It is very true that True friendships are seen through the heart and not through the eyes.
  • I would prefer to walk with a friend in the darkness and not alone in the light.
  • A true friend is the one who helps you when you need it the most and not the one who helps you the most
  • The language of friendship is not words but full of in-depth meanings.


These were the different types of WhatsApp messages that people send to each other over this amazing messenger application. You can also send these messages to your friends and family members to lighten their mood!

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