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We are accepting guest posts! Please note that Super Wall is a multi niche blog that publish articles written on topics related to Technology, Business, Lifestyle, Home improvement, Travel, Food, Health, and Marketing.

We accepts sponsored post only. This is one of our monetization method that support us to pay salaries and servers fee.

Sponsored article will be published within 48 hours.

We charge a fee of $30.00 USD for the single sponsored posts. You can ask for a $5 discount if you are publishing your first article on our website. (depending on content quality).

However, we also have offers for agencies those want to publish bulk Content:

No of article       Charge/Article        Publish Frequency(Working days)

3                            $25                             Published over a span of 5 days

5                            $22                             Published over a span of 10 days

You are allowed to ask for negotiation on this price but you have to come up with some attractive offer for us.

Email us at .

Why sponsor articles?

Some of the reasons why we ask you to sponsor your post are:

  1. “Super Wall” is a self-funded blog. This means that your support is the earning source for us.
  2. We also have pay for other services to keep our blog online such as servers and marketing tools.
  3. Content published by you will be shared on all social media platforms and emails of our subscribers.
  4. With your support we can grow and become a popular website on Internet.

Can you publish free Guest Post?

Lot’s of people request for free guest post. As we mentioned before that negotiation is allowed.

So, you can get a chance to publish a free guest post on our blog.

But, You have to provide a valid reason for this (keeping your benefits behind).

Note: You are a startup and don’t have budget for paid guest posting is an old reason this will not work.

Rules for free Guest Post

Here are few rules that you need to follow if you want a free guest post on our blog.

  1. We accept only long article for free guest post approx. 2000+ words).
  2. Article must unique and have complete in-dept information about the topic.
  3. You can only ask backlink for another informative article (it can be your blog post).
  4. You are not allowed to link your home and services pages.
  5. You might have to wait for few days to get free guest post published because priority will be given to the sponsored articles.

If you agree with these terms then through us a mail at .

Note: All payments received via PayPal only